Six steps to get you started in golf

By Lewis Caseley, PGA Teaching Professional, Saadiyat Beach Golf Club

Getting started with golf couldn’t be easier. If you follow these six steps below you will learn how to hold the club and how to stand which are two essential lessons to begin with. The setup is the foundation needed in order to build a good golf swing.

How to hold the club

Firstly, we will need to know how to hold the club. It is crucial that we get the grip correct in order to have control of the club and clubface through the swing.

Step number one when taking the grip is to make sure that the clubface is pointing towards your target.

Step number two is to bring the left hand onto the grip. When taking the left-hand grip, we want to rest the club in the base of the fingers. You can check that you have taken the correct grip as you shouldn’t be able to see any of your finger nails on your left hand.

 Step number three is to take the grip with the right hand. The right hand will be placed below the left hand again holding in the base of the fingers with the lifeline crease of your right hand sitting on top of your left thumb. Both Left and right thumbs should stay close to the hand and not stretch down the grip as you will lose a lot of pressure and control when holding the club.


Take the correct stance

Once you have established a correct grip we now need to take our stance. The stance is designed to help maintain stability and enable mobility of the body during the swing.

Step number four is to place your feet shoulder width apart if you have your legs too far apart this will limit the amount of turn that you can generate during the swing. Too close together and you will lose balance.

Step number five is to push your hips backwards. This will help you to create the spine angle needed in the set up this should be tilted around 45 degrees. If you lean forward without pushing your hips back it will cause you to have a curve in your spine. This can cause issues during the swing.

Step number six is to flex your legs.


Now the foundation has been established so it’s time to start swinging!


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