The bow & arrow | By Stephen Deane

This simple drill will allow you to engage your body and build a consistent action that starts from the ground up.

You’ll feel like you’ve activated your hips and shoulders correctly and lessened the need for an unreliable arm swing with limited body action.

The main goal of this drill is to develop a coiling/spiralling hip and shoulder action that works up and behind you as you hold the ground and start to move.

Overall this simple drill will help get your body working better i.e. the inside of your swing and help stabilise the outside i.e. the clubface. For more information please watch the video or visit one of our dedicated Academy Professionals

From a standing position, extend your left arm whilst holding an alignment stick. Secure the attached elastic band in your right hand and stretch! Ensure the band is being stretched with the right hip and shoulder coiling around and NOT being pulled with the arm!
Try the same exercise but now within your golf posture whilst tipping from your hips and with your left arm extended towards the ground. Again, recreate the coiling/spiralling action with the added feeling of the right hip and shoulder also working UP!
Repeat the action on the opposite side so you’re practicing both your backswing and through-swing coil!!
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