Increase mobility for more speed | By Victoria Mikhaylova

If you are looking to increase your swing speed, make sure your body is ready to swing faster. You need to have enough mobility to create a good range of motion and balance to use as the base for powerful movement, and the skills to use the ground to provide the power.

Here are my TOP 3 exercises for golfers of all ages and levels:


A. Using a step platform, box or even stairs, take a single leg stance and make sure you have good athletic posture. Cross your arms on your chest.

B. Take a single leg golf posture. Load your right foot, keep your knee stable as you step down.

C. Rotate your shoulders as much as you can (as you would do in your backswing) without moving your hips. After that go back to the centre and go up. Repeat 8 to 10 times, then switch to the other side.

2. Mobility

A. Using a medicine ball (approximately 3-4kg) take a single leg kneeling position next to a wall. Engage your core muscles and squeeze your shoulder blades.

B. Rotate your upper body away from the wall and keep the ball in front of your chest.

C. Straighten your arms and reach with the ball as far as you can, keeping a good athletic position. Do not lean on the wall. Maintain position for couple of seconds and then relax. Repeat 6 to 8 times. Then turn to the other side.

3. Power

A. Take a 4-5kg medicine ball or a weight which is challenging enough for you to encourage the bigger muscles to work. Stand as shown in the picture.

B. Squat and rotate your shoulders at the same time. Keep your arms straight and chest high.

C. Using your legs, go to the follow through position. Rotate your hips towards the target as if you were hitting a shot. Make sure your left foot is fully on the ground. Repeat 8 to 10 times. Then switch sides.

Give these exercises a try and you will be ready to swing faster and bring more power to your golf game. Watch the video or visit The Peter Cowen Academy Dubai for further insights and improvements.

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