Pete Cowen’s signature ‘Tennis Ball’ drill

By Stephen Deane, Head Professional at Emirates Golf Club

Last month we discussed Pete Cowen’s signature ‘Spiral Staircase’ drill which focussed on developing the correct body motion. This month we’ll recap on his signature ‘Tennis Ball’ drill which is extremely effective for developing a consistent clubhead release and adding pressure on the ball.

As always, we start from a good posture, tipping from the hip line and engaging the hamstrings and glutes before pushing our knees down into position and feeling that solid connection.

As shown in picture 1 and described within the attached video, we stand around two metres away from a wall with the tennis ball positioned directly under our sternum and our left hand underneath the right tricep.

The hand under the tricep just encourages better hand and arm movement and helps you to feel the folding of the right elbow as you work the ball up as shown here:

From the top, we simply throw the ball back down underneath the sternum whilst trying to hit an imaginary golf ball on the surface below:

If you release the ball correctly it will bounce once on the surface and bounce back off the wall directly in front. You’ll easily be able to catch it as the body spirals around into its finish position.

If you release too early it will go way right and if you release too late it will go way right or left, depending on how good you’ve spiralled into your finish position. In other words, there’s lots of running around after the ball if you get it wrong!

This is a fantastic drill used by many of Pete Cowen’s students and a fantastic way to perfect the correct release and desired pressure on the ball. With regular practice you’ll be fizzing your shots off the clubface like Henrik Stenson and Thomas Pieters!

For more information please come along to The Academy and we’ll be delighted to help you with your game.

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