Dominate practice sessions | By Jonathan Craddock

When heading down to the range it’s important to have certain goals and targets in mind to hone your game, rather than going without a plan and just smashing ball after ball. In this article I’ve picked out three of my top drills to help you improve movement next time you visit the range.

The Mirror Drill

golf practice session

Using tape, create the letter T and fix it onto the mirror. The centre line of the T should be placed through the vertical axis of the body to monitor the transverse plane or coil while the top line of the T should be placed on the top edge of the head to monitor lift and drop caused by a change in posture or lateral bend.

No Look Shot

The golf swing is simply physics and geometry – as long as strong foundations are created with the correct arm hang position. The spiral will take control of the movement, loading the power around and up which enables the down pressure to deliver consistent angular momentum of a stable clubhead.

Shadow check

Throughout practice, time should be allocated to ensure the movement you’re working on is correct. Take time to re-visit the mirror or simply look down at your shadow. Use the shadow to highlight any unwanted lateral or vertical movement.

Play an imaginary hole

When working on mechanics it is important to solidify the correct feels, therefore repetition of the correct movement is key. Once the feels have been established remember to change the practice up by visualising playing a hole on the range.

Decide on the length and width of fairway, play the drive, estimate drive distance and then work out the remaining distance to play the approach shot. Select a target approximately the distance of the approach shot and if you are within 30ft give yourself a two-putt, if it’s outside of this distance then select a target to chip to.
If your shot finishes within 6ft you can award yourself a par and if you’re outside that range then it will go down as a bogey – but it’s worth noting that the current PGA Tour average from 6ft is only 69%.

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