WYRE Golf balls – Quality at an affordable price

WYRE Golf is a new online golf brand that launched in the United Arab Emirates earlier this year and is taking the golfing world by storm by offering quality, convenience and much sought-after affordability.

Golf is stereotypically an expensive hobby but that decree is slowly changing in the Middle East. There’s plenty of deals to get cheaper golf rounds like if you download the free Worldwide Golf app where you can benefit from an array of 2 for 1 offers. Now you can budget even cheaper, without losing quality, if you invest in the new WYRE golf balls which will put a smile on the face of high handicappers.

Courses are challenging in this region with water hazards on just about every hole so there’s nothing more frustrating than spending a fortune on balls and slicing them all into the wet stuff before your round has finished. If this sounds like a typical early-morning round for you, then look no further than the WYRE balls.

Don’t be put off if you are a low handicapper that ‘only uses Titleist balls’, James Yeomans is a MENA TOUR player and was startled by the quality of the WYRE Titan ball. He said: “It’s a real nice ball with great feel. I normally use the PRO V1X but that felt very good in comparison.” Our other playing partner Ben ‘Stenson’ Spargo also blasted his drive straight down the middle with the Titan ball on Al Zorah Golf Club’s 18th hole.

WYRE Golf balls are available exclusively online at www.wyre-golf.com and are delivered direct to any UAE home or office. The range of golf balls conform to USGA and R&A rules and regulations, and are available in three types to suit a variety of skill levels:

  • GENESIS: WYRE Golf’s ball for beginners, GENESIS is a 2-piece soft compression ball with 350 dimples designed for durability, long distances off the tee, and a straighter flight path.


  • ATLAS: WYRE Golf’s choice for all-round golfers who have a medium to fast swing speed, ATLAS is a 3-piece ball with 350 dimples that perfectly combines distance and control.\


  • TITAN: WYRE Golf’s option for more advanced players with a fast swing speed, TITAN is 3-piece high compression ball with 382 dimples and a soft urethane cover. Designed to maximise spin performance for more accuracy on approach shots and provides the golfer with more “feel” on contact between the ball and the clubface.

Starting at just 110 AED* per dozen, WYRE Golf rewards its customers with even bigger savings when they place larger orders with a further 10 % discount for orders of 3 dozen and a 30% discount for orders of 5 or more dozen.

Seeing a gap in the global golf ball market between expensive, high quality balls, or those that were affordable but with questionable quality, WYRE Golf co-founder Hani Al-Omari realised he had found a niche with these products.

“Of course there are existing alternatives for the price sensitive golfer such as lake balls or refurbished balls, but these come with their own set of problems.  It only takes 12 hours at the bottom of a lake for a golf ball’s outer layer to start letting in water, irreversibly damaging the ball’s core and compromising flight performance. Refurbished balls undergo sandblasting which can have an adverse effect on the dimple pattern and the overall aerodynamics of the ball.” said Al-Omari. “As golfers ourselves, we wanted the benefits of a quality product to improve our own skills, but we didn’t want to keep paying a fortune for it. After all, a figure skater aspiring to be an Olympian wouldn’t skate on dull blades, so why should golfers have to make due with anything less than premium quality.”

While exclusively offering golf balls at present, WYRE Golf has plans to not only further diversify their golf ball catalogue, but to also expand their product range to include apparel such as caps, gloves, equipment including club grips as well as customised golf balls.

For more information or to order, visit: www.wyre-golf.com.