Three steps to Putting Perfection

Sharpen the most important part of your game by learning the correct set-up then improving your touch and aim with two drills demonstrated below.

1. Set up

  1. Posture tall and athletic.
  2. Arms hanging comfortably whilst connected to your sides.
  3. If you have a tendency to move the body during the stroke, engage your core muscles and widen the stance for stability.
  4. Let your chest control the putter.

2. Pace Drills: The Box Drill

  1. Make a box behind the hole using alignment sticks or your golf clubs (change the size of the box to alter difficulty – smaller is tougher)
  2. Put tees at 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 feet if your practice green has the length for you to do so.
  3. You get two chances at each distance. Record the amount of putts hit into the box out of 10 and also where your misses are: long, short, right or left so you can learn a bit more about your tendencies in order to improve them.

3. Start Line Drill: The Gate Drill

  1. Set up a putting gate using two tee pegs, use a golf ball to measure the size of the gate (difficulty level can be altered by widening or narrowing the gate size).
  2. Set the golf ball up around six inches behind the gate. The hole isn’t necessarily needed but can be used (when using the hole, alignment of the putting gate and the hole is essentially important). This drill can be used to improve your start line on all lengths of putt.

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