Putting practice for enhanced performance | by Alastair Brown

When I practice my putting I like to improve two important components – the correct start line and correct speed. Initially I will separate the two components and then pair them up later in practice sessions.

Correct Start Line

Using an eye line golf ball or even a range ball with a few lines on it will be beneficial to your practice. You should try and get the divide line exactly on the top of the ball at set up and then match this up with the line of your putter. When making your stroke you should see the ball roll maintaining its divide line, or if using a range ball, the three lines will turn into a solid black line always pointing vertically up. Initially you shouldn’t get too target-specific IE: aiming at a hole – you should just aim to a point in the distance. 

After you feel you have got the lines rolling true this means you have a sound ability to start the ball where you want, and that your clubface and club path are matching.  This will sharpen your putting mechanics.

Now you can start aiming the ball at a hole. Start one metre away and gradually get further away as you get confidence in your ability to aim.

Correct Speed

Developing your skills for speed putting and creating little games in practice are great ways to enhance your on-course performance. My favourite game to play is as follows because it creates focus, raises awareness of mistakes and adds pressure to your practice session which will help you when it matters out on the course.

How Does The Game Work?

  • Set up four tee stations – 1,2,3 and 4 metres from the hole using a fairly flat surface.
  • Place a club behind the hole as a barrier around 12-18 inches depending how sharp you want to get.
  • You need 5 balls.
  • Putt 5 balls from each station.

How To Score Points:

  • Each ball holed earns 2 points.
  • Score 0 if the ball passes hole but doesn’t hit the club.
  • Remove 1 point if the ball hits club behind the hole.
  • Remove 1 points if the ball finishes short of the hole.

There is a maximum of 10 points per station and a potential total of 40 points. See if you can beat your previous score or have a friendly wager against your mates!

Watch the video to see this game and putting advice. Or if you want to check your mechanics, why not visit the Peter Cowen Academy Dubai and find out at first hand why his players are the most successful on Tour.

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