Putt like a Pro | Two putting drills by Richard Dunsby

By Richard Dunsby, PGA Teaching Professional, Emirates Golf Club

There are five important parts to putting that make the ball go on line or off line: 

  • Green speed
  • Slope of the green
  • Distance from the hole
  • Aiming point
  • Pace of the putt


Set out this putting clock from distances at 3,6,9 and 12 feet. The best way for you to gain a feel for a putt is to roll the ball from low level towards the hole with your hand whilst looking at the intended target. This will give you a visual perception of how to roll the ball with the correct distance, speed and line. For example, this can be related to many other tasks or sports you carry out unconsciously thinking. When you throw a ball do you look at the ground or towards the intended target? …. The intended target!


Here is a great practice drill for you to improve your putting stroke, clubface alignment, and initial starting direction of the ball.  All you need is four tees. Position the first two tees in the ground at a selected distance just outside putter-width apart creating a gate to place your ball between. Place the other two tees 1/3 of the way down your intended target line at putter-width apart.


Position the grip of the putter through the palms of the hand to give you stability and clubface control.
Pointing the thumbs down the centre of the grip.


Stand upright with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms positioned on the ribcage.
Now tilt forward from the hips and let the arms hang tension free until the putter comes to rest behind the ball aligned down the target line.
Once you are in position over the golf ball with the correct grip and posture, use the shoulders and arms together to initiate the stroke. With a positive putting stroke, keep the putter moving back and through the gates encouraging the ball to start and finish on line.


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