Keep your head down to sink more putts | by Stuart Fee (JA The Resort)

By Stuart Fee, Head Teaching Professional at Leadbetter Golf Academy Dubai, JA The Resort Golf Course

Amateur golfers really struggle with three or four foot putts. One of the main reasons for this is their eagerness to see where the ball goes rather than keeping their head down and concentrating on the strike and allowing the putter to continue on the correct path. All you need is a coin or a ball marker to improve your putting as it will help you get used to keeping your head down at impact. 


1. Place the marker behind the ball so your putter sits on top of it.


2. Now concentrate on focusing just on the coin after the strike rather than following the trail of the ball.

Note how Stuart’s eyes don’t leave the marker.

This will keep the body more still which will improve your accuracy and control because of the higher quality of strike. 

If you’ve picked a good line and the ball doesn’t hit a spike mark, there’s a fantastic chance you’ll make the putt.

If you practice this drill, your eye movement will soon become natural and your putter will move down the target line much better, which will help you sink those three or four foot putts more easily.

If you’d like any more help with your game, head down to the Leadbetter Golf Academy at JA The Resort Golf Course and pay myself or Yasin Ali a visit.

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