Improve your putting technique with ‘The Money Roll’

We’ve all heard it before, ‘drive for show and putt for dough’ but what about putt with dough? Using only three one dirham coins stacked on top of each other, I’m going to show a simple way to improve your putting technique and improve the roll of your ball.

At the European Tour Performance Institute we have a variety of tools on hand that allow us to accurately measure the putting stroke with great detail. It can actually become quite mind-boggling when it down, the smallest mistakes in the golfers’ technique and the movement of the putter itself can result in considerable mishits and inconsistencies in the stroke which will result in missed putts. When reviewing what great putters do with their technique, there are many differences in the movement dynamics of the putter due to varied techniques, putter styles and strokes, yet there are also many common traits when looking at the result of the impact between the club and the ball.


The ‘Money Roll’ drill is a great exercise that can be used to help promote a faster forward roll of the ball which will allow the ball to retain its starting direction as well as improve your distance control. If you have ever seen the ball bounce or skid during the first couple of feet of the putt there is a strong probability that the ball has either been struck with negative loft on the putter and has been pushed into the turf, or the ball has backspin as it leaves the putter face, yes backspin! If you have experienced this before then I encourage you to try the ‘Money Roll’ putting drill.


  1. Stack 3 x 1 dirham coins on top of each other and take your normal putting set up to the coins.
  2. Ensure the coins are lined up with the centre of the putter face.
  3. Make a stroke where your goal is to avoid the coins as you make the through stroke.

This will encourage the putter head to ascend into the ball and create a neutral/top spin action on the ball which is desired. As you can see in the images I have placed a ball next to the coins, please note that this is just to help provide a visual for how to set the drill up. Do not place the ball in the way initially.


Once you become comfortable with the technique and can avoid the coins, you can then advance the drill by including the ball, to do this make sure the ball is level with the coins and is located in the centre of the putter face at address. The coins will now have moved to the toe or outside of the putter. As a result you should see the ball roll more smoothly off the putter and retain its direction.


Please contact the team at the European Tour Performance Institute at Jumeirah Golf Estates if you would like improve your putting or golf game in general. we look forward to assisting you in achieving your golfing goals.

By Gavin Sutherland – Senior Teaching Professional European Tour Performance Institute

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