How to play the 9th hole on the Earth course at Jumeirah Golf Estates

By Anneke Strobach, Teaching Professional, Jumeirah Golf Estates

To celebrate the feast of women’s golf in the region this month, I’ll be talking you through how to play the beautiful ninth hole on the Earth course from the Ladies Tees. The short but uphill hole is pretty straight forward as long as you avoid the bunkers to the left and right from your tee shot.

From the Ladies Tees, you have 353 yards to the pin so I suggest aiming your driver towards the centre of the fairway to avoid those bunkers on either side. Driver off the tee is your best option here as you want the hole to play as short as possible – laying up is not the smart choice because of the placements of the fairway bunkers.

Once you’re on the middle of the fairway, you’ll see two bunkers on the side of the green which you want to steer clear of. The green is large on the ninth so you want be to aiming for the centre to be safe and avoid the traps. Remember to add 5-10 yards to your shot due to the fact that this hole plays uphill.

Once you’re on the green, you’ll find yourself in one of three zones – left, right and front of the green. If you’ve played to the centre of the green then you’ve given yourself two putts to make your par, but, more importantly, you’ve got an opportunity to pick up a stroke with a birdie. Play this hole smart and you’ll be walking off with at least a par which goes a long way on the Earth course.

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