How to play the 13th hole on the Majlis at Emirates Golf Club

By Dong Lee, PGA Professional, Peter Cowen Academy, Dubai

This par 5 dogleg (right to left) is one of my favourite holes on the Majlis because of its risk and reward layout. Before playing this hole it’s key to assess the wind because your strategy will be different in the morning compared to the afternoon.

When playing this beautiful hole in the morning, the wind is generally against the face which makes it a huge risk to try and carry the trees and bushes so I would play a sensible shot aiming closer to the right edge of the tree line. This would allow me to get safely on to the green in three shots.

In the afternoon, when the wind is helping from behind, I would take the more aggressive line over the trees which should give me an easier opportunity to reach the green on two shots. This is a huge advantage for those long hitters among you but it will also be a blind tee shot if you are taking too much corner.

A solid tee shot should give you a reachable distance to the green but this is where the greenside bunkers and water hazard on the right side of the green come into play. If you decide to go for the green in two – whatever you do try to stay away from the right side of the green to avoid these dangers. If you’re playing the safer option and lay up then a mid-iron to your favourite distance from the flag is always a good strategy and will still give you a good birdie opportunity.

The third shot is pretty straight forward as long as you stay away from the front and right side bunker along with the water hazard on the right hand side of the green as mentioned above. The green is not massive and slopey so, as long as you’re on it, you will have a good opportunity to make your birdie with a one putt. If it takes two putts and you come off the hole with a five then you should be more than happy at making your par.

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