Create the coil to perfect Pete Cowen’s signature drill

This month we will show you a signature Pete Cowen drill called the Spiral Staircase.

Once you have established the correct posture by tipping from the hips (more detail on how to achieve this in the attached video), you instantly have better control of the ground and therefore more control of everything above the ground i.e. your body motion.

This simple drill is a great way of visualising and feeling how the weight should move during the golf swing.

1. The body motion isn’t just a turn and then a rotation back. It’s a spiral motion using the ground and loading your muscles in a spiral motion as we move the weight from the left foot to the right shoulder up.

It’s important to remember this is a dry exercise and not a ball-hitting exercise similar to the axe drill mentioned in previous articles.

2. As you work the drill you’ll feel your body tighten like a spring. This up loading is then released through the ground as the body unwinds down around and through.

A great Pete Cowen signature drill to improve your body motion in a 3Dimensional movement, and generate the power, accuracy and consistency you desire.

Important to note that as you load up the right shoulder, the right hip moves up and back. If this doesn’t happen, you’ll definitely lose power and the exercise won’t have as much impact on your game.

For more detail, please watch the attached video and come to The Academy to gain expert advance from our team of Professionals.

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