Coaching golf’s future at Trump International Golf Club, Dubai

By PGA Professional Michael Bolt, Trump International golf club, Dubai

Getting junior participation on a skyward trend is a hot topic and one that is crucial to the future of golf as a sport. Juniors truly are a major focus in this great game and clubs are having to be extremely committed to breaking down the barriers to participation, whilst making the sport engaging and exciting for a wide audience.

Here at Trump International Golf Club, Dubai we are dedicated to encouraging youngsters to not only take up golf and to have fun while doing so, but also just as importantly to develop and retain them into full adult participation.

We have recently adopted the UAE Junior Development Programme (JDP) as a basis for our Junior Academy. Launching this month, our programme provides a pyramid system of learning, which provides a platform to specifically monitor and aid the development of each child.

In total, eight clubs throughout the UAE have integrated and adopted the UAE JDP, with the pyramid system making up seven colours of development, incorporating the Tee It U SMASH, DISCOVER & ENHANCE in-school programmes.

Throwing ball into the net from golf posture

Encourages explosive, dynamic move. Which helps create strength and power

We believe that the key to keeping junior golfers engaged, especially in the early stages of learning is to combine golf specific exercises with fun and active games and skill tests. Fundamental Movement Skills don’t just happen but are created. By concentrating on encouraging fundamental movements both specific and non-specific to golf, children develop as a complete athlete, whilst adopting the fundamentals of golf both directly and inadvertently.


The reason behind this is that although many children develop good physical skills whilst growing, there are many who don’t. Physically skilled children often enjoy vigorous healthy play, while others may not have had similar opportunities. By operating this holistic system we are able to progress juniors through the ‘pyramid’ at a rate specific to them, whilst engaging them appropriately for their level of both golf and general sporting ability.

Alongside this, we believe it crucial to ultlise the golf course environment heavily during junior sessions with the aim of making students feel comfortable out on the course, engraining both simple etiquette and golf course awareness even if this sometimes limits the amount of golf actually being played on the course.

Swinging on balance board


Encourages the creation of core strength, emphasising balance and rhythm control throughout the golf swing,

8 week semester 760 AED or 3 semesters for 1900 AED  (24 weeks of coaching)

#Members of the JDP are also entitled to full and unlimited use of the driving range and short game area during the duration of the semesters.

Contact the Trump Golf Academy at or 04 245 3939.

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