08 Jun 2024

TaylorMade SpeedSoft Ink

This golf ball is anything but traditional. The new SpeedSoft Ink design by TaylorMade is sure to catch your eye with its vibrant colours and brush-like strokes. From tee to green, it’s fun and visually striking. This is TaylorMade’s softest ball yet, with a compression rating under 50. But what exactly makes this new ball so special?


SpeedSoft delivers the softest possible feel while maintaining explosive speeds for the everyday golfer and ultra-soft feel on irons shots.

The Tech

The SoftSpeed Ink ball is powered by TaylorMade’s new PWRCORE technology, making it the softest ball in their lineup. The SpeedSoft offers an ideal mix of performance and affordability, featuring a low-compression core that provides both distance and a soft feel for iron approaches and wedge shots around the green.


Green ‘camo’ Ink .. for golfers with a true feel for where the ball is at impact! 🙂

TaylorMade has enhanced the exceptionally low-compression and ultra-soft feel with the new SpeedSoft Ink, introducing a distinctive paint-splatter design that showcases their proprietary multi-axis print technology. This high-contrast, high-visibility ball is offered at a more accessible price point, bringing TaylorMade’s visual technology to a broader range of golfers for the first time.



Beyond its performance benefits, the SpeedSoft Ink ball is a canvas of personality and style, perfect for those who dare to break convention. It redefines the look of golf balls for core golfers. Available in four colorways (Green, Red, Blue, and Pink), the SpeedSoft Ink ball offers a palette of possibilities and bursts with personality. This marks the first time TaylorMade has provided significant visual technology at this price point.



It’s a fun way to attract attention. Whether it’s pineapples or Ink patterns TaylorMade has used their ball covers as a blank artistic canvas. The SpeedSoft is a great ball for the price. Wejust find these too distracting when stood over the ball, especially on putts when trying to use an alignment line. The green brush strokes is probably the worst, as it blends too well on the fairways or rough.


Where to buy: https://www.egolfmegastore.ae/catalogsearch/result/?q=Speedsoft

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