Here is what you need to know about the latest PXG 0211 and how they play.


What does 0211 stand for:

In keeping with Bob Parsons’ military background, 0211 is the call sign for the US Marine Corps Counter Intelligence unit. As a reminder the 0311 is the code for the US Marines Infantry Rifleman.


Price: $195 Steel and $210 Graphite. This is the price in the United States and will be slightly higher in the UAE due to shipping and customs clearance.

Model range

Unlike the 0311 that comes in the Tour; Players, Xtreme Forgiveness and Super Game Improvement the 0211 will be a stand-alone model with a progressive offset from 4iron through to wedge. In many ways PXG has blended the XF long irons with the P short irons to come up with the 0211. A blended set that should appeal to most golfers who are looking for a slightly higher flight and more forgiveness.


Progressive set design

Heel to toe length substantially increases from the mid to long irons.

PXG Genetics

The breakthrough with the PXG 0311 irons was the evolution of their high speed COR2 polymer insert that could support one of the thinnest faces in golf. This same formula is mirrored in the new 0211 iron. But unlike the 0311 the 0211 is without the tungsten weighting. But at $195 per club, guess some things are going to miss the lineup and Tungsten is pricey!


Benefits of laser welding the 0211 Face

The laser weld on the outer perimeter produces a larger and stronger functional face without increasing the club head size.

Robotic laser welds are more consistent and lower the stress area by being positioned on the outer perimeter.


PXG 0211 Lofts and Lies


Steel – True Temper Elevate

R Flex – Elevate 95

S Flex – Elevate 95 and Elevate Tour

X Flex – Elevate Tour

PXG has worked with Mitsubishi to produce the MMT graphite shafts for the 0211

L Flex – MMT 50-L

A Flex – MMT 60 –A

R Flex – MMT 70-R

S Flex – MMT 80-S


Their will be also an upcharge fee for any other shafts in the PXG shaft matrix.


PXG 0211 First Round Impressions

We’ve had our demo set now a few days and our first thoughts are they are obviously long but despite the COR2 polymer the feel is very firm off the face. The strong lofts give a low launch which makes it vital to get the right shaft. It might even be worth trying a lower kick point to assist in getting the ball airborne quicker.


PXG 0211 Offset is a winner

The 0311 is one of the best irons on the market the model range is engineered for players that play a mix bag. Having seen the success in sales of the 0311 P and XF models it was an obvious combo to emulate in the 0211.


PXG 0211 Grouping and Gapping

The progressive off-set delivers a tight grouping but the strong lofts affected our gapping with the 4 and 5 iron as we failed to get the carry. These aren’t game improvement clubs where the centre of gravity is very low to assist in getting the ball in the air so you might be best to tweak the lofts to suit your gapping. We increased the 0211 4 iron loft by one degree and the five iron 0.5 degrees and it made a noticeable difference. Previously the 4 iron carried 175 and the 5 iron 178. The loft change increased the 4 iron to 187 and 5 iron 181.


PXG 0211 v 0311

The 0311 being forged and with a variety of head options is still one of the best irons in the market and when you can compare the feel against the cast 0211 the difference is night and day. But they are twice the price!

Does the PXG 0211 devalue the brand name?

This will be interesting as the 0211 has obviously been engineered to appeal to the mass market and target brand such as TaylorMade, PING and Titleist. It’s PXGs first attempt in this market sector and no doubt other models will be in the pipe line, especially a game improvement iron will need to be added.


Sister Act?

Considering PXG was built on being a high end brand designed at the financial elite golfer, the 0211 could dent the hard earned image. PXG might have been better putting the 0211 and any similar clubs under a sister company name such as BXG to keep the two levels segregated. But only time will tell. Porsche nearly did the same thing with the Boxster and that worked out for them! Though you don’t see a budget Ferrari for the masses.



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