07 May 2021

The PXG 0811 GEN4 driver comes under friendly fire!

PXG have upped their game with the latest 0811 GEN4 driver range but the phrase two is company but three is a crowd certainly applies. The Scottsdale based brand has brought some serious hardware to the driver dog fight in 2021 but have they rocked up to party too late?

PXG’s 0811 GEN4 drivers have just made it into the Middle East market but by May many golfers have already committed to the latest driver, as the season is ending with the Summer months fast approaching. It’s a shame as the 0811 GEN4 is arguably the party spoiler and probably the best driver in 2021. Though the three model range is easy to understand one should have been left as a special order head.

Though the main competition is their ‘bargain’ 0211 GEN2 driver. Not only did we find it looked better at address, the 0811 GEN4 XF wasn’t any longer or more forgiving. Though the fitting experience and head cover quality in the 0811 GEN4 is first class. It’s like comparing a BMW M8 (0211 GEN2) against a Bentley Continental GT (O811 GEN4 XF)! If you just want the performance, the 0211 is better value. If you want the bag bling and fitting experience the 0811 GEN4 XF is in a different league. 

PRICES: 0811 GEN4 DRIVER $549 / 0211 DRIVER $375


HYBRID CROWN CONSTRUCTION - GEN4 drivers utilise a hybrid crown with titanium in the heel/toe to increase durability and stiffness of the structure for optimal spring and faster ball speeds. The carbon fibre centre reduces mass in the top of the clubhead helping to lower the centre of gravity, increase the MOI and optimise trajectory.

The lower CG in turn decreases spin and increases dynamic loft. So, the perfect combination for a driver when paired with a high MOI.

ALUMINIUM VAPOR - Through a vapor deposition process conducted in a vacuum-sealed chamber, Aluminium Vapor (AV) technology increases the stability of the carbon fibre.

HIGH SPEED FACE - Made from high strength Ti4212 titanium to support face deflection and spring to create ultra-fast ball speeds from the high-speed face.

ROBOTIC POLISHING - Robotic polishing is a high-precision process that ensures the face thickness and the face curvature are manufactured to design spec that maximise performance and impart corrective spin for an ideal ball flight on off-centre shots/

HONEYCOMB TPE INSERT - The Honeycomb TPE insert is a high-performance, vibration-dampening polymer incorporated to enhance the overall feel and sound of the club at impact. Positioned in the sole of the clubhead, it also helps optimise the centre of gravity.


0811 GEN4 Xtreme Forgiveness Driver


Lofts: 9°, 10.5°, 12°

The 0811 XF driver is PXG’s most forgiving head and it must be sailing close to the wind in terms of the USGA and R&A’s MOI limit. PXG’s robot data showed this produced the tightest dispersion compared to the other two heads. That did not come as a surprise with the heaviest weights located in the back of the head, giving the XF by far the highest MOI and therefore forgiveness in the range.

In all three GEN4 models there is also a heal weight to provide an element of draw bias and with it also being forward provides additional speed from the face.

Normally drivers with this rear-weighted configuration tend to spin up and have a tendency to produce excessive spin. Though the XF’s low centre of gravity and heal weight helps minimise the negative spin rates other brands with high MOI struggle to control


  • One of the best sounding drivers on the market.
  • Great forgiveness and performance
  • Confidence building head shape
  • Adjustability
  • Fitting


  • Though it’s better value than the previous model, the price is still high once you have an upgraded shaft fitted. 
  • Aluminium Vapor crown is distracting. 
  • 0211 GEN2 is better value for money and looks better!


0811 GEN4 Xtreme Driver

Head shape: LOW SPIN HEAD

Lofts: 7.5°, 9°, 10.5°, 12°

The X head in the PXG driver line up has always been their least spinning model. This was backed up by the PXG testing robot though given the right circumstances the new Xtreme Tour head could spin slightly less but in general testing the Xtreme was the lowest. The Xtreme is an evolved version of PXG’s 0811 X Proto driver, which blends low spin and forgiveness. We’ve seen this configuration used successfully in the PING LST and Callaway Epic Speed Max, where the weighting is split front and rear. So you get that blend of speed and forgiveness. With the PXG GEN4 head weight system you can really get dialled in with a professional fitter, as the weights can be varied to find that optimised point.

The face is deeper with a shorter crown compared to the Xtreme Foregiveness head. Ideal if you are the type of player that tends to miss strike on the vertical axis.


  • Low spin but easy to launch
  • Fast and forgiving across most of the face
  • Sound
  • Loft range and adjustability


  • Same as XF. The Aluminium Vapor foil is off putting, but that’s just  personal preference.
  • You need to spend a lot of time with a fitter to dial it in.


0811 GEN4 Xtreme Tour Driver

Head shape: TEAR DROP HEAD

Lofts: 7.5°, 9°, 10.5°

The Xtreme Tour’s aerodynamic head shape isn’t a new concept, just look at the latest SIM2 from TaylorMade and the Callaway Speed. The drag efficient head is a simple but effective way to improve clubhead speed, but this is only effective if your have a swing speed in excess of 105 mph. Anything less and you will be far better off with the X or the XF head. The XT head is targeting the better golfer with a consistent strike pattern. The purpose of this head shape is increasing distance, not through combating excess spin or slamming the centre of gravity so far forward it nearly touches the face, but just flat out ball speed gain. So if you pick up 2 mph club head speed through aero dynamics you could see a gain of 4 yards. 


  • Sound
  • Fitting and adjustability


  • A bit too specialist for the amateur market. 
  • Would have been cool if it was all black – it’s certainly the stealth bomber in the line up.


The 0811 GEN4 drivers have one heavy and two light sole weights that are interchangeable to set up your preferred spin and draw bias settings. Standard weights come in 2.5, 5, 7.5 and 10gram. There are options of 12.5, 15, 17.5 and 20 gram weights which can also be used to adjust the overall head mass. So getting fitted is essential if you are to maximise this club to its  full potential.



  • The sound, feel and performance of the 0811 GEN 4 driver,  paired with the fitting service, earn it a rightful 9 out of 10.  If only the Aluminium Vapor was  black it would have got top honours.
  • It’s a shame the model came out so late in the season. Also one of the 0811 GEN4 XF rivals is the slightly cheaper and better looking 0211 GEN2 head.

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