PXG 0311 wedges – Forged and milled to perform

Bob Parsons’ PXG team has once again smashed it out the park with the release of their newest 0311 wedges which have sustained the extraordinary standards that have become synonymous with the brand.  They’ve released a forged version and a 100% milled Sugar Daddy version of the wedges to excite all golf fans and PXG Troops alike. We headed down to the Trump International Golf Club, Dubai to speak to PXG Middle East Ambassador, Alex Riggs, about this striking release.

PXG 0311 Forged Wedges

PXG 0311 Forged Wedges offer versatility and forgiveness. Triple forged from 8620 soft carbon steel, they incorporate high-toe and perimeter weighting, milled grooves and a versatile sole design that performs well in all types of grass and conditions. 



High-toe weighting draws the CG higher and more central in the club head, increasing spin and improving the playability on open face chip and pitch shots. 


PXG’s proprietary weighting system features lightweight titanium and heavier tungsten weights to optimise CG location and MOI, while providing an option to increase total head mass. 


Milling the grooves provides precise control over the geometry and supports improved performance through greater spin and more control. 


  • Performance in all conditions 
  • Tight Dispersion 
  • Good Workability 
  • Very Forgiving 
  • Outstanding Feel



Alex Riggs, PXG Middle East Ambassador

“They’ve gone with that triple forged 8620 soft carbon feel and the face has CNC Milling so you know PXG have really taken the grooves to the absolute legal limit. This helps you with spin and ball control. These wedges are going to feel super soft, just as PXG are known for,  giving you the performance everyone aspires for with their wedge. The toe area of the wedges is slightly raised up to add more weight to the back of the club to help you create more spin and control when the face is in a more open position. They can use this weighting to adjust the club’s centre of gravity to benefit your playability in your shot-making.”




PXG 0311 Milled Wedges

The PXG 0311 Sugar Daddy Milled Wedge is a Jack-of-all-trades wedge, designed for advanced shot making in a variety of conditions. Triple forged from 8620 soft carbon steel to form an oversized blank and then 100% CNC milled, the Sugar Daddy Wedge incorporates performance-enhancing features like perimeter and high-toe weighting, milled grooves and two sole designs. 


100% MILLED 

The CNC milling process ensures every line, curve and angle are produced to exacting specifications for consistent performance and advanced shot-making. 


Using high density tungsten alloy and lighter titanium weights, the Sugar Daddy incorporates perimeter and high-toe weighting to draw the CG higher and more central on the club head, increasing spin and playability.


09 Sole – A traditional and versatile sole design that performs in all types of conditions.

07 Sole – A narrow sole that is optimised for face chip and pitch shots and tight turf conditions. Only available in 58 and 60 degree loft options. 


  • Exceptionally Versatile 
  • Tight Dispersion 
  • Excellent Workability 
  • Advanced Shot-Making 
  • Outstanding Feel 


Alex Riggs, PXG Middle East Ambassador

“Known as the ‘Sugar Daddy’, this upgraded 0311 version is 100% milled which ensures every line, curve and angle are meticulously produced. PXG have used their science to make sure that every single groove and angle is perfected for your short game. This wedge is going to feel unbelievably soft with it being 100% milled. Similar to the forged version, they’re able to advance the grooves to the legal limit to give you the maximum amount of spin and control in your short game. This wedge is available in both chrome and extreme dark. With the higher lofts (58° and 60°), you get two bounce options which are a 7 degree sole and a 9 degree sole so depending on the shots and surface, you have options of how you want to play the shot. Tighter surfaces will want a 7 degree bounce but generally most people will opt for the standard 9 degree bounce. Having all these options in the new ‘Sugar Daddy’ really gives you an opportunity in the fitting process to really test both bounces and see what suits your game the best.”

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