PXG 0211: Looking for a hybrid with muscle?

For years I’ve struggling to tame my fairway woods, which has resulted in my handicap gradually increasing. I’m confident with the driver, because standing over a 460cc head just makes it feel impossible to miss, but I’m left wanting when needing to play a controlled tee shot or challenge a long par-5 from the fairway.

As you can imagine I’ve tried all the fairway woods and it’s totally down to operator error not the equipment. I shallow my swing too early and catch the ball thin with a fairway metal. Resulting in worm-burning slice that would do well to run out to 180 yards on a good day.


0211 Hybrid to challenge fairway metals!

Having just tested the PING G425 where I was looking to gap a number, this time I’m searching for a hybrid that can just go long and act like a 4 wood. With a hybrid I’m normally hitting two degrees down at impact so I’m able to make a solid strike and I’m not concerned with the early shallow delivery issue I have with fairway woods.

So far this year the longest irons I’ve tested were the PXG 0211 GEN2, so the hybrid from the same 2021 range is a great place to start in my quest for some hybrid muscle. I’m not looking for a target number, just a solid strike and as deep as possible when it comes to yardage.



The 0211 Hybrid was set up at 19 degrees with a HZRDUS Smoke 6.5 80g shaft, so I was able to really ramp up my speed and the club remained stable. I averaged a -1.1 degree attack angle, so I was getting a solid contact with a 96.5mph club head speed. Even with it set at 19 degrees I managed an average height of 92 feet and a total yardage of 248.6 with a spin rate of 2743 rpm. Which is only 350 rpm more than my 9-degree driver.


The best result from the five shots which were recorded was the one with the second slowest club head speed of 96.1mph, but my face angle and club to path were completely neutralised. I normally have a face open about 4 degrees at impact, which is why my spin rate isn’t optimised to the loft. The neutral face and path gave me a further 10 yards distance and 100 rpm less spin. With that shot coming to rest at 258.2 yards.


The 0211 Hybrid with the carbon crown just looks menacing. I’m impressed with the price point and quality. I was concerned that the rail sole would grab the turf but it doesn’t detract from the quality of strike. The flight, even at an average of 92 feet, was strong and penetrating, and with a reduced spin rate close to my driver it did the job of giving me a club that gets close to the distance of a fairway metal and the accuracy of an iron.