PXG 0211 Irons – Stunning performance at a surprising price

PXG is a company that is renowned for pushing the boundaries and they’ve done it once again by producing a high performance product at an approachable price point. At AED 6,295, their new 0211 irons incorporate the original high-performance technologies from the flagship 0311 irons but are around half the price of what youíll pay for PXGís new triple forged GEN2 irons. These sexy looking clubs have an innovative progressive set design that delivers the stunning performance youíve come to expect from the company founded by American billionaire Bob Parsons in 2015.


COR2 Technology

COR2 is a low density, high speed, vibration dampening material with explosive C.O.R. (coefficient of restitution) properties. Injected into PXG’s internal face perimeter cut-out design, the material supports an extremely efficient energy transfer, helping produce a more consistent response, incredible accuracy and an outstanding feel at impact.

Worldís Thinnest Face

The face is formed from High Strength HT1770 Maraging Steel that measures just 1.5mm thick, about the thickness of a penny. The weight saved by using a thin face allows more mass to be positioned in areas of the club head that help to optimise launch conditions and MOI

Functional Face Area

Without changing the optical size of the face, PXG’s internal face perimeter cut-out design creates a 15% larger functional face area. This yields a larger trampoline for the COR2 material to react producing faster ball speeds and a larger sweet spot.

0311GEN2 v 0211

Rather than having the signature tungsten and titanium perimeter black-screwed weights in the back of the clubs, the 0211 irons have PXG badges and weighting in the sole which makes them look far more traditional with a classic look. In addition, they are made of cast construction instead of a forged process as this drastically cuts producing costs. However, they still perform superbly with their thin steel face (which at 0.058″ is the thinnest face in golf) that’s designed to increase ball speeds across the greatest area possible. Alex Riggs thought the 0211 would be the ideal set for a mid to high handicapper that doesn’t want to splash out on the 0311GEN2 but are still looking for a top quality product at an enticing price. Riggs tested them out on the 5th hole par 3 at the Trump International Golf Club, Dubai and shared his first impressions below.

Alex Riggs 
PXG Middle East Ambassador

“I wasn’t sure how this club was going to perform or look but it’s impressive. From the top line down, it’s nice and thin but it has enough meat in the sole to make it very forgiving. With the COR2 injected inside it feels solid and has a very attractive price tag. I’m sure this set of irons will do brilliantly in the market and will expand the reach of the PXG Troops because it’s got the looks and technology and is at a more affordable rate than people usually associate PXG with. If you’re a lower handicap player and you go from a 0311P or T you’ll notice that the sound and feel is different with the 0211 but that’s expected because you are going from PXG’s triple forged to cast. However, if you are using a 0311XF or SGI there won’t be much difference in terms of the feel and the price is astoundingly lower. These irons will be suited for mid to high handicappers that want to become or stay associated with the ever-growing PXG brand.”

Bob Parsons – PXG Founder

“After we introduced our GEN2 0311 Irons, golfers asked us to bring back our GEN1 0311 Irons at a lower price. We were able to do that because after three years on the market, GEN1 Irons Research & Development costs had been recovered. Once we put GEN1 0311s back on the market, we were surprised by the demand. So, we learned that our market – golfers who care deeply about quality and performance – wanted a high performance iron at a more reachable price. That’s how the idea for 0211 was born.”

Price: AED 6,295

Available now at eGolf Megastore

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