16 Mar 2021

PING G425 4-Hybrid: Gapping your long irons has never been easier

With courses getting longer, we are often faced with par-3s that measure over 200 yards and lengthy approach shots into daunting par-4s. Last month I was impressed with PING’s latest G425 iron, but despite its length and forgiveness, anything over 200 yards would have me reaching for a hybrid to cover shots up to 220 yards with ease. This is not about how far I can hit a hybrid, instead it’s all about control when trying to land the ball on a green and keep it there.

PING G425 iron

One of the most confidence-inspiring irons ever produced by PING and packed full of punch and forgiveness, I managed to carry the G425 5-iron, on average, 197 yards for a total distance of 209 yards. Peak height averaged 98 feet and the spin was 4439rpm. Those stats mean I have no worries flying a greenside bunker over 190 yards and I’m not concerned about the ball firing through the back of the green.

Tungsten Weighting: A tungsten sole weight strategically positioned in each club increases the MOI in the stainless steel head for added forgiveness.

When the pressure is on

Imagine playing a shot to a green where you need to carry 10 yards further than your 5 iron range but you still need that ‘drop and stop’ effect on the green. Instead of opting for a 4-iron it might be worth trying the G425 4-Hybrid.

Ideal for the job

The G425 4-Hybrid is all about control and gapping a yardage. In the Middle East we are left with long approach shots and to make matters worse they are normally guarded by bunkers or water! Under pressure I want a club that looks after me and gets the ball airborne when the strike isn’t perfect.

Alignment Guide: On the crown, a new 3-dot alignment feature (large dot in the middle) offers alignment guidance and inspires confidence at address.

G425 4-Hybrid Test

The slightly larger head makes the club feel shorter and more compact, as if I was holding a mid iron. The G425 4-Hybrid shows plenty of loft at address and inspires confidence. You would have no issue using it out of the semi rough or from a tight lie. It just shouts: “Don’t worry I will look after you!”

I hit five shots with that ‘control’ shot in mind, not ‘hey let’s see how far I can hit this’ to polish my ego.

Spinsistency™: A complex face curvature modifies the roll profile, mainly low on the face where loft decreases, to bring more consistent spin performance and increase ball speed for added distance.

Set at 22 degrees / Shaft: Tensei CK Orange 80
Height average: 105 Feet
Carry: 211.6 yards
Spin: 4,619 rpm
Total yards: 218.6


The G425 4-Hybrid hit that awkward 210 yardage with ease. The loft adjustability means you can crank the loft up 1.5 degrees to 23.5 or drop it to 20.5. So you will have no issues gapping the club to your irons. The options that PING offer in their shafts are probably some of the best in the market right now.

Final thoughts

If I were looking for a confidence-building set right now, the G425 would be towards the top of my list – out here in the Middle East I would opt for the 4-Hybrid over the 4-iron. The G425 look great and go even better.

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