PING G410 Plus & SFT – The weight is over

The PING G400 was arguably one of the greatest drivers the manufacturer had ever released but with four models in the series things could get a little complicated. Their new G410 driver contains a perimeter weighting system, so you can adjust the 16g weight bias to control the flight. This isn’t a revolutionary breakthrough by PING but it has enabled them to cull the model range to two making the whole fitting and selection process much simpler.

The flexibility of their 8-Lobe Trajectory Tuning system also gives you three degrees of loft adjustment and three lie adjustments. So when paired with their Movable Weight technology it gives you a great deal of options. When the weight is positioned in either draw, neutral or fade positions each setting is located on the extreme boundary of the head to increase MOI and elevates ball speed and forgiveness.

“The G410 Plus offers golfers a simple, logical way to customise their driver and allows them to swing away on the tee box without fear of missing the fairway. It puts tour-level fitting into the golfer’s hands.”– JOHN K. SOLHEIM, PING PRESIDENT

The G410 plus also generates faster balls speeds using a precision-machined forged face which undergoes a patented heat-treatment process, creating a thinner, ‘hotter’ impact area for maximum flexing and energy transfer into the ball. At 455cc the head is 15cc larger than the G400 and just 5cc smaller than the G400 MAX. A new “creased crown” design in the 455cc head has stiffening properties and combines with patented Dragonfly Technology inside to create an ultra-thin crown structure, saving weight to increase forgiveness by optimising the centre of gravity. The standout feature was the Turbulators and in the G410 they have become more aggressive and protrude more from the top of the crown. This has reduced drag in the down swing further and increased ball speeds.

For players looking to combat that heavy fade or slice there is also the G410 SFT model (Straight Flight Technology) which has all the performance benefits of the G410 Plus but his a fixed weight on the extreme perimeter, 50% more heel-side than the G400 and a lighter D1 swing weight to help square the face at impact.


Movable-weight technology enables you to position the centre of gravity for controlling your ball flight, putting tour-level fitting in your hands.


To accelerate ball speed for more distance, the T9S+ precision machined forged face undergoes a patented heat treatment process, creating a thinner, hotter impact area for maximum flexing. The forging and the head’s internal geometry are key to the powerful sound and feel.


The new, patented lightweight and aerodynamic adjustable hosel expands from five to eight settings, offering loft (0, +1o, +1.5o, -1o, -1.5o) and lie adjustments (including up to 3o flatter than standard) to optimise ball flight.


A new “creased crown” design in the 455cc head has stiffening properties and combines with patented Dragonfly Technology inside to create an ultra-thin crown structure, saving weight to optimise the CG and increase forgiveness.


PING’S own high-performance Tour 65 and 75 are great shafts that offer a low launch and spin. PING also added the Project X EvenFlow Black 75 for even lower spin and launch along with the Mitsubishi Tensei CK Orange for a slightly higher launch – all for no upcharge fee!


We are about to test the G410 so keep an eye on our social media channels for the results. We found the G400 hard to control the spin rate but from understanding the changes they have made we think the G410 will not only be seriously long but very forgiving. The fact they have put two of our favourite shafts in for no upcharge fee makes this a serious contender for driver of the year.


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