PING G410 LST – The Spin Killer

By Alex Gallemore

All you need to know about the PING G410 LST driver and why it’s really aimed at the Tour player. There are a number of people on Tour who can’t say out loud that the PING G410 Plus is arguably one of the best drivers on the market. When these guys are linked to other brands you know that perhaps this has to be the best driver the Arizona-based club manufacturer has ever produced.

In our own test we found the G410 wasn’t the longest but the drop-off on distance across the face was minimal and the dispersion was the tightest. You wouldn’t win a world long-drive championship with this club but your driving stats would probably look healthier. With this in mind PING has brought out an LST model to assist players who are looking for greater distance by dropping their spin rates further.

“It took us a little longer than planned, but that was only because our first iteration didn’t outperform the G400 LST. We re-worked the design to meet our performance improvement standards and we’re excited to get the G410 LST driver into golfers’ hands,” said John K. Solheim, PING President.

“The head size is slightly smaller than the Plus model and the CG is positioned to reduce spin several hundred rpms, while still providing extremely high forgiveness,” Solheim added. “The combination of lower spin and more stability, plus the ability to dial-in the shot shape with our movable-weight technology, greatly expands the type of golfers who can benefit from the technology of the G410 LST driver.”

PIG G410 LST Fast and powerful shape

At 450cc, the G410 LST driver features a more rounded, pear-shaped design and combines with more efficient
Turbulator Technology for advanced aerodynamics, leading to increased clubhead speed. Its “Tour Square” face sits slightly open, and the score-line pattern frames the impact area to aid in-alignment. The creased crown design provides a clean and powerful look at address.

PING G410 LST Forged, T9S+ face

The unique forging and patented heat-treatment process of the T9S+ face powers a thinner, hotter impact area that is precision-machined to elevate ball speed across the entire face for more flexing and faster ball speeds. The forged face and the internal geometry of the head are instrumental in producing the powerful feel and sound of the driver.

PING G410 LST Trajectory Tuning 2.0

The patented lightweight and aerodynamic adjustable hosel expands from fi ve to eight settings, offering loft (0, +1o +1.5o, -1o, -1.5o) and lie adjustments (including up to 3o flatter than standard) to optimise ball flight. “The expansion of the loft options is a tremendous benefit for all golfers and the flatter lie angles add another layer of opportunity for expert club fitters to really fine-tune a golfer’s driver,” said Solheim.

Multiple shaft options

Four high-performance shaft options are available at no upcharge and ensure a shaft-fitting solution to match the launch conditions of all golfers. The PING Tour 65 & 75 (lower launch, low spin, stable feel) and the counter-balanced PING Alta CB Red 55 (high launching, lightweight) are developed in-house by PING engineers. For popular custom after-market options, golfers can choose the Project X EvenFlow Black 75 (low launch, low spin) and Mitsubishi Tensei™ CK Orange 60 (mid launch angle, low spin).

PING G410 LST Thoughts

We found the G410 Plus to be pretty low spinning for a base model driver. In fact, our test showed it was sometimes lower than the previous G400 LST model. The type of player to benefit from this new LST model must have a 114mph plus swing speed to gain any benefi t over the 410 plus. If you have an average swing speed of around 100mph and your spin rate is too high, leave the LST alone. It will drop your spin for sure but keeping it in the air will be the problem and your distance could be a long way back compared to your gamer. The LST will be a niche club, designed with the Tour and elite players in mind.

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