Strong line up for Odyssey with Triple Track confidence booster

By Jordan Smith

Odyssey have revolutionised putting with a triple track line system, using the  Chrome Soft Triple Track golf ball and the new putters to help master the perfect ‘line up.’ With a variation of seven different models to choose from, ranging from mallets to blades and, of course, the iconic two balls – there’s a model for every golfer’s needs with the new technology focusing on weighting, feel and alignment.

What’s new?

Triple Track Alignment

All putters have three lines on top of the putter head, one bold red line with two parallel, narrow blue lines either side with a rectangular white background using Vernier Hyper Acuity, a proven scientific method of analysing how the human eye sees straight lines.  It’s key fundamental method of developing a solid putting alignment, the Triple Track which certainly gives more confidence and it’s very simple to use – always considering you’ve read the green properly!

 Shaft watch

The shafts have been upgraded to ‘Stroke Lab Weighting’ shafts to help with the balance, enhancing distance control. Odyssey say the multi-material shaft saves 40 grams weight, which is redistributed to the head and grip of the putter. This rebalances the putter for improved tempo and consistency in the stroke.

 Micro-hinge Star Insert

Odyssey have upgraded their Micro-hinge Insert, that will enhance sound and produce a firmer feel, what is Micro-hinge Star Insert? The face of the putter has a thermoplastic layer behind, with metal hinges on the front. As a player strikes the ball the hinges push back into the thermoplastic layer, which allows topspin, or reduces backspin, helping the ball to roll more efficiently and enabling us to control distance more accurately – which is a big advantage for the fast, undulating greens in the Middle East.

Seven models to choose from:

There are seven models to choose from, but strictly speaking, three different styles. You have the 2-Ball and 2-Ball Blade, one of Odyssey’s originals. The Double Wide and Double Wide Flow are similar-looking putters, the difference being the Flow model which is for an arc-stroke putter, and the Double Wide being for a minimal arc putter. With the mallet-style putters with the Ten and the Ten S, has clearly been inspired by the TaylorMade Spider, as both models are the same shape, to suit both styles of putting strokes. Finally, the Marxman, a double bend-faced balanced mallet suited for strokes with minimal face rotation. All putters are available in 33 inches to 38 inches, with the option to customise the grip, grip wrap, lie and shaft type.

Jordan’s Verdict

The new putters look very high-tech and the line combination certainly gives me confidence standing over the ball. But for me, it’s like riding a bike with stabilisers on. I feel the set-up comes across a little gimmicky. I’m not a fan of playing with a ball with three lines from tee to green. However, for golfers who may struggle with alignment on the green, this could certainly be a huge benefit to holing more putts on the green, as well as ensuring the that the clubface is square on to the ball and not left open or closed at impact. As I previously mentioned, having some extra assistance on the Middle East’s European Tour-standard greens won’t hurt – every little helps!

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