Honma release stunning new BERES product line

The world’s most premium golf clubs receive a spectacular revamp

Honma Golf has officially announced the release of its all-new BERES line, which is the pinnacle of Honma craftsmanship and clubmaking that’s set to make waves in the golf industry.

The new Honma line includes: drivers, fairways, hybrids and irons for both men and women, available in Honma’s iconic 2,3,4 or 5-star grade options.

BERES clubheads offer an uncompromised level of detail and are holistically designed with super-premium ARMRQ (pronounced ‘AR-MARK’) shafts to provide players with exceptional performance and beauty.

“Only Honma’s most experienced takumi are permitted to work on BERES. These golf clubs represent the soul of our company and are the ultimate artistic expression of our most talented clubmakers,” said Hiroshi Suwa, Senior Director, Product Development Division.

Four full product lines defined by a star grade ranging from 2-5 stars are differentiated by increasing levels of cosmetic detail, shaft performance and use of precious metals in the clubhead, culminating in the jewel-like 5-Star offering featuring both 24K gold and platinum accents.

“The new BERES brings modern, elegant beauty and high-performance technology to a wide range of golfers across all global markets who appreciate fine detail and impeccable craftsmanship in their golf clubs,” said Chris McGinley, Vice President of Global Product.

New BERES clubs feature elegant profiles, brilliant etching and textures, fine detailed badges, and an exclusive metal-pearl powder paint.


The metal woods feature maximum active speed slot technology that fully activate at lower swing speeds to increase distance. The sole slot features deep side slot extensions to provide increased distance on off-centre hits. A thin, internal, radial-ribbed face in BERES drivers enhances distance potential off the tee.

The maximum active speed slot technology extends to the new BERES irons where three sole slots (two internal and one external), work to increase speed off the face for increased distance, even at slower swing speeds. A precision-engineered 3D L-Cup face construction pushes weight back in the irons to visible weight pads that enhance forgiveness and speed on off-centre hits.

Shaft options

BERES ARMRQ shafts have been redesigned for distance. Honma builds its own graphite shafts from start-to-finish in its Sakata factory in Japan and designs the shafts in tandem with the clubhead to maximise the performance of the entire club. The new ARMRQ shafts use the most sophisticated material technology in the industry, with multi-axis metal hybrid armour technology, visible under the grip for a high smash-factor design to increase the golfer’s distance potential. For 3-5 star grade options increased use of special “twist fleuret” M40X composite material inspired by the shape memory characteristics of fencing swords contributes to greater distance potential.


The new Honma BERES 2020 driver is a timeless design that’s built using precious metals and features industry-leading technology to provide feel and confidence to your game off the tee.



The new Honma BERES 2020 irons look stunning and perform exceptionally with an array of technology incorporated throughout.

BERES is now available in eGolf Megastore outlets across the UAE to test and see what difference it will make to your game in 2020.

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