Cleveland Wedges RTX 4 – A new era in short game control

We were excited to head down to Trump International Golf Club, Dubai to see if all the hype surrounding the new Cleveland RTX 4 wedges is justified. Cleveland believe it’s the ‘most tour-authentic’ wedge they’ve ever made and designed to suit better players. Wedge performance always starts with the face and the grooves in this iron allow you to produce ultimate spin and feel – just what all lower handicap golfers seek from their wedges. eGolf Megastore’s Custom-Fit Specialist, Regardt van Rooyen, tested out the product and gave us the lowdown on these remarkable wedges. 


“When I address this wedge, I have so much confidence because of its low amount of offset,” says Van Rooyen. “It’s extremely easy to shape in either direction and has so much of the workability that every golfer desires in their short game. The grinds are an important element of a wedge and with the RTX 4s, Cleveland has focused heavily on this as well as the bounce, which is a key reason they are making such an impact. There are four different types of grinds available to help you execute the most demanding shots when around the greens and a variety of lofts varying from 46∞ to 64∞. When hitting these for the first time, I immediately noticed how quick the ball checked when it bounced and was startled by the amount of control I had due to the spin. With the options of a premium Tour Satin finish or Black finish, the RTX 4 has both the look and performance all avid golfers demand.”

Why should you purchase the Cleveland RTX 4 wedges?

  • Get more spin – with the sharpest Tour Zip Grooves Cleveland’s ever made. 
  • Get more versatility – with four tour-developed sole grinds and the lowest bounce in golf. 
  • Get more feel – with new, Progressive Feel Balancing Technology. 
  • Get more workability – with a more compact, tour-preferred blade shape. 
  • Get more style –  with its classic Tour Satin finish that’s ultra-premium with enhanced durability.



With their sharpest Tour Zip Grooves yet, the most aggressive face milling they’ve developed, and even more precise laser milling, Rotex 4 generates more spin, and more consistent spin, giving you maximum short game control.


New muscle shaping on the back of each loft progressively adjusts the centre of gravity on both the vertical and horizontal axes, enhancing feel and distance control, even when you don’t strike the face centre.


RTX 4’s compact shape is a direct result of tour player feedback. Lower lofts blend with your irons for an easier transition, while higher lofts feature a traditional wedge shape for better greenside shots.


Choose from four unique sole grinds to customise your wedge set based on your playstyle and playing conditions. New LOW and XLOW grinds were made specifically for better players who demand limitless versatility around the green. 

These four options are below:

MID Neutral / Steep attack  Enhanced for full and pitch shots Medium / Soft  Hit a medium to large divot on full wedge shots

Want stability on full shots and the ability to open up the face of your wedge on occasion

LOW Neutral / Shallow attack angle Enhanced for open face shots Medium / Hard Hit shallow divots on full shots

Regularly open up the wedge face around the green

Hit the occasional flop shot

Often hit off tight lies and medium to hard turf

Feel confident around the green 

FULL Neutral / Steep attack angle Enhanced for sand shots Medium / Soft Hit a medium to large divot on full wedge shots

Want stability on full shots

Want extra sole to support bunker shots

Want a traditional full sole wedge in your bag

XLOW Shallow attack angle Enhanced for extreme tight lies and op shots Medium / Hard Hit shallow to no divots on full wedge shots

Find yourself pulling off that extreme flop shot

Often hit off tight lies and hard turf conditions

Cleveland Golf Wedges: Dominating the Short Game since 1979

Cleveland Golf Wedges have dominated the  industry for nearly four decades, constantly pushing the envelope with score-dropping innovations. They are trusted by PGA  and European Tour champions including  J.B. Holmes, Keegan Bradley, Russell Knox and Graeme McDowell. Here’s what some of the pros thought of the RTX 4. 


“The spin you get off the face is so important so you can have really great feel with your wedges so you can play those delicate shots really well.”

Ernie Els  – 4-time Major champion

“The ball felt like a marshmallow. You can feel the spin on the face.”

Russell Knox  – Two-time European Tour winner

“It’s really nice because it’s got that soft feel. I’m not really moving a lot of grass so I can tell how effective the bounce is working for me.”

Graeme McDowell – Major champion

“It gives you a lot of room for error in the bunkers. It allows you to really hit the ball with spin and come out with height.”

Keegan Bradley – Major champion


Head down to eGolf Megastore to try out the Cleveland RTX 4 wedges for yourself and see how much control they can provide for you around the greens. 



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