PXG 0811X: Draw your weapon

Last month, Parsons Xtreme Golf unveiled their latest driving missile launcher onto the market – the PXG 0811X driver. Worldwide Golf headed down to the Trump International Golf Club, Dubai, to catch up with the eGolf Megastore team and speak to PXG Middle East Brand Ambassador, Alex Riggs, about the groundbreaking new driver that he has recently added to his bag.

WWG: What are your initial thoughts and feedback of the club?

Alex Riggs: We’ve had a really strong headwind here today at the Trump International Golf Club, Dubai. What I noticed is that the ball flight is so much flatter into the wind, we don’t get those occasional ones that would jump up and float in the sky. The new 0811X however, would keep piercing and fly on the fairway.

WWG: Talk us through about the shape of the head and how it suits you?

AR: It has a confident shape to it. When I set this thing on the tee it looks forgiving to me. I like how the golf club lies on the ground and I like how the face looks. It is clean to the eye.

WWG: One of the things that everyone has said about the club is the noise it makes. Just describe it and give us some technical information as well.

AR: I noticed that the sound of the 0811X has a powerful, deep sounding thud to it. It’s not as high pitched as other drivers sound which is due to what they have done in the sole plate of the club where they’ve added thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), the same proprietary compound they utilise in the 0311 irons. Its a sound that you’ve never heard before in a driver and is noticeable instantly. Adding TPE into the sole also allowed PXG to redistribute weight to move the CG which helps them to considerably lower spin off the face.

Alex Riggs, PXG Middle East Brand Ambassador

WWG: How does sound influence your feel?

AR: Sound really plays a big role in feel. What we hear in terms of contact when we strike the ball is going to give us a lot of feedback as to whether the strike is a heel, toed or centered one. I do find that this is an important part of the experience of hitting the driver. If you like the sound you’re going to like the feel.

WWG: With the shape, have you noticed any difference in terms of forgiveness from the 0811 model?

AR: Both drivers are very forgiving and have got great distance. I do find that the 0811X tends to fly a fraction flatter and spins considerably less.

WWG: Similar to the 0811 model, you can see that this driver is extremely adjustable. Personally, are you someone who tinkers and do you have advice for someone who is a bit of a tinkerer and how to get the right settings?

AR: I am not much of a tinkerer when it comes to changing the settings of a driver. I like to have it fit, and once fit just stick with it. If you are someone who does intend on changing the settings I would suggest that you visit your local PXG Fitter, have an expert fit you and then trust it.

WWG: Why should people add the PXG to their bag?

AR: If you are looking for a golf club that is a step ahead and not afraid to push the technology boundaries, then PXG is the brand for you.