Hottest drivers on the horizon at eGolf Megastore

By Jason Ashley – eGolf Megastore Custom-fit Specialist

It’s an exciting time for equipment junkies and social golfers alike, with the eagerly awaited release of numerous drivers and fairway woods from the top manufacturers. So why am I so excited? New product launches are frequent these days and true innovation seems to be coming in the form of slight changes to an already good product. But there are a few drivers that have caught my attention from an innovation perspective. This month’s article looks at the three new releases that I’m most thrilled about.

TaylorMade M2

TaylorMade M2 - 5

Firstly, the new TaylorMade M2, with the success of its predecessor the new M2 has many golfers in eager anticipation. So, what’s new and how have they built on the success of the M2? The new technology is called Geocoustic Technology, which is basically a sunken sole shape in the toe which extends to the back of the sole (see images to get a better idea). This allows for a larger clubface and larger head, in turn creating a bigger sweet spot and more stable head. It also has an improved feel and sound due through the ribs on the sunken sole. Along with that they have a deeper speed pocket, which helps ball speeds on off-centered hits. In summary, it’s meant to be more forgiving and have higher ball speeds on off-centered hits than the original M2. I am looking forward to testing it personally and with a variety of different golfers.

Callaway Big Bertha Epic


Secondly and probably the driver with the most amount of hype in the marketplace is the Callaway Big Bertha Epic and Big Bertha Epic Subzero. If the hype is correct, golfers are seeing a substantial increase in ball speed. So why the hype and potential gain in ball speed? It’s due to a new face technology called jailbreak. Simply it involves two rods that are inserted just behind the face that connect the crown and the sole of the club which stops unwanted crown and face flexion dramatically improving energy transfer from club to ball. I would recommend watching the video that goes into detail to explain the technology. I have seen some early numbers from the initial testing with Callaway Tour players and the results are impressive. Again, this is a club I am really looking forward to testing.

Cobra King F7

Cobra King F7 - 3

And lastly the new Cobra King F7 and F7+ with the Cobra-Connect technology. Each Cobra-Connect driver features a sensor in the grip, paired with an app on your smartphone it turns your phone into a handheld GPS rangefinder as well as tracking all your drivers and giving an analytical break down of the stats. Giving the player the ability to see the strengths and weaknesses off the tee and to manage their way around the course better. The driver also features a great deal of adjustability to help fine tune flight and shape. With all that innovation, you can see why I am excited to get these clubs in store.

We have all the drivers at eGolf Megastore so you ought to come down and put them to the test and see which technology benefits you the most.