‘Crazy, nuts, unbelievable’ – Rory reflects on DeChambeau’s added distance

Rory McIlroy is the best player in the world and arguably has the purest swing in the sport. Impressing the Ulsterman is not an easy task but Bryson DeChambeau has managed to do that last week in the Charles Schwab Invitational.

The 31 year old is ranked as one of the longest players off the tee but couldn’t get anywhere near DeChambeau’s stats at Colonial. The American hit three drives over 360 yards last week and is on track to break the PGA Tour single-season record for average driving distance at 323.8 yards.

McIlroy, who held the record as the longest on Tour in 2018 at an average of 319.7 yards, had this to say about DeChambeau.

“He hit a couple drives on Sunday that (caddie Harry Diamond) and I just looked at each other, and we’re like, holy sh*t, that was unbelievable,” said McIlroy, who was paired with DeChambeau on Sunday at Colonial.

“He hit one into the wind on 11. I hit a really good one and probably hit it like 315, 320. He must have flew my ball by 40 yards. He hit it like 370, 375 into the wind. It was crazy. It was nuts. It’s unbelievable.”

Five-time PGA Tour winner, DeChambeau, gained 20 pounds during quarantine that he said has translated into a ball speed of around 190 mph.

McIlroy thinks DeChambeau’s decision to gain weight to help him be longer off the tee is not something he would be interested in doing. Rory said he plays his best when he feels “lighter” – but he added that he does respect DeChambeau’s commitment.

“It’s impressive. He’s big,” McIlroy said. “He’s sort of gone down a path, and he’s got a conviction, and he’s following it. He’s always thought outside the box and thought a little differently to most people. He’s really put his mind at wanting to get longer, and he’s definitely done that.”

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