Want more distance? Easy! | By Jonathan Craddock

When we look at creating more distance the first thing to ensure is that we have the correct equipment. I’m lucky enough to be currently using the New Titleist TSi 3 driver. Having the correct equipment is paramount to making the game easier and achieving your best. Be sure to drop in at the Emirates Golf Club pro shop for a fitting with our specific custom fit professional using TrackMan 4.

Second to the equipment is centring your strike – and this is true with any golf club, getting the mass of the club behind the ball correctly will increase distance. An added advantage with the TSi 3 is the opportunity to have the mass fitted in the correct location to match your strike, which ensures you are getting the best performance from the club. Finally, distance comes from great mechanics, but more importantly those mechanics create the energy that transfers from a stable, moving clubhead into the ball.

There are lots of times when I hear of golfers say phrases like “I’m using my arms too much,” and “I need to get my body moving,” or “I’m working on turning my hips quicker”. Well, the averages show that most golfers – including tour professionals – are often late to move the energy into the clubhead and this is partly due to outdated swing ideas.

Bad finish from poor mechanics

Such ideas often have equally dated related swing fixes to poor movement mechanics. The fact is, if the club is moved naturally, the ability to be relaxed ensures energy is transferred out to the clubhead more regularly. One of the biggest proponents of this is Miguel Angel Jimenez, with his free flowing practice swings – or any golfers on the senior tour who are still able to drive it over 300 yards.

The hands and arms equate to create a substantial amount of the club head speed and yes, we should improve our body mechanics, but far too often do I see golfers working so hard on moving the hips or turning the shoulders, as opposed to loading the shaft and letting the arms and hands go.

Try it next time you are at the range, spiral into a nicely stretched backswing and let the arms and hands fire. Try to create as much noise as possible by releasing the clubhead as early as possible. Remember, a relaxed body will be moved by the movement itself, your clubhead will make an arch if done correctly and therefore your body will spiral accordingly.

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