Top Points at Topgolf Dubai!

By Siddhi Kappor, Academy Coach

The aim of the game at Topgolf is to score as many points as possible, but how is that achieved? Well, it can really help if you hit the back net and get extra points on the board! I’m going to break down some basic fundamentals here which can help propel you well on your way to beating your friends in front of that stunning Dubai skyline backdrop.

First of all, if you’re new to the game of golf, the driver is the longest club in the bag and designed to go the furthest out of the entire set. It’s also the club we’re going to need to use to get to the back net at Topgolf Dubai and score maximum points.

Step one is to tee the ball up and align the ball correctly in your stance. Standing just slightly wider than shoulder width apart with your feet, the ball should come just inside your left heel as displayed in these pictures. Don’t overlook this part, it’s essential. Next up is your weight distribution at set up.

If you’re a right-handed player, lean slightly onto your right side. In terms of ratios, 60 percent of your weight should be on your right and 40 percent on your left. That’s a good ballpark to aim for to begin with. This should help you to hit the ball on the up, and gain maximum distance.

That brings me onto my next point about the importance of strike. You need to be hitting the centre of the clubface with power. A good set-up gives you the best chance of doing that, but really focus on hitting up on the ball and out the middle of the face. Some great golfers like to feel that they are sweeping the ball off the tee and into the air.

Now, hitting driver can be difficult, especially to begin with. You may see it curve excessively to the right, and you may even top a few – that’s normal.

My advice is to just be realistic with your expectations, and remember that golf is a game to be enjoyed, especially at Topgolf Dubai. But if you really are keen to beat your friends next time you’re down here, book a lesson or class with me or the team at the Topgolf Dubai Academy and we’ll be happy to help!

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