Three reasons why you need a hybrid in the bag

By Nick Cork, Senior PGA Teaching Professional at Abu Dhabi Golf Club

The hybrid has a number of advantages over a long iron which is why Tour Professionals are now replacing long irons with hybrids and I am not seeing enough club golfers take advantage of this great club. Here are three key reasons why you need to posess a hybrid:



The high shot off the tee No changes are required in your set-up compared to a standard long iron. A couple of set-up positions to be aware of would be ball position (just ahead of centre) and how far you stand away from the ball (arms hanging freely). Allow the hybrid to do the work for you at impact.


The long shot out of the rough: A hybrid is designed to glide through longer grass due to the sole of the clubhead, which results in longer shots compared to a long iron.



The bump and run around the green This type of shot played with a pitching or sand wedge can become difficult to control for the club golfer due to slope rating and grain. Be creative and opt for the hybrid.


When a golf club instantly improves scoring on the golf course without making a technical change, you MUST switch to this golf club. I really believe if you don’t own one, you should rush out right now and buy two.
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