Swing Sequence: Matt Fitzpatrick

I’m going to analyse Matt Fitzpatrick’s swing with a fairway wood this month. Matt had a fantastic season last year, winning two tournaments including the prestigious DP World Tour Championship at Jumeirah Golf Estates. Matt has a very simple golf swing but it’s effective because he hits the ball very, very straight every time.  – Pete Cowen, Master PGA


1. When you see his swing, you see a little bit of an idiosyncratic movement but the posture is great and the arm hang is good. One thing we always work on together is a solid posture.


2. In the second photo the takeaway is nice and wide, keeping the club slightly outside the hands – maybe a little bit too far out for my liking.


3. In the third photo his shoulders sit down the plane of the swing and the shaft angle is in the right position.


4. At the top in the fourth photo, it looks like he has laid it off a little bit but his arm position is great to slam down, as the club comes out in front of him.


5. In the fifth picture you can see the shaft again on plane in a great delivery position. From here, Matt can slam the club down and exit left and that is why he hits it so straight.


6. In the sixth picture, the hips and the shoulders are open nicely and the ball is gone. I can confidently predict that he has hit it dead straight again as he usually does, as he maintains a fantastic position through impact.


7 & 8. In the seventh picture, Matt has a controlled followed through with the body that evolves into a balanced finish in the last photo.


Matt has a very simple golf swing that makes the game look so easy… You’ll see this swing helping the young Yorkshireman achieve even more success in the years to come.

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