Stick to the basics | By Tim Backhouse

In this article I will explain how to play a soft flighted pitch shot, which is an absolute must here in the UAE. The technique demonstrated here is also ideal for the tight lies we find around the greens.

A couple of key fundamentals when it comes to the basic pitch shot are in the set up.

The first is to make sure you stand quite close to the ball, a very common mistake I see every day is golfers standing too far from the ball, with all shots but especially around the green.

The second is to ensure the shaft angle is quite upright, more than most people would expect. Allowing the club to travel on a slightly more vertical plane throughout this movement. The feeling will be that the toe of the club is pushing into the ground and the heel is slightly lifted.

As the club starts to move into the backswing, the shaft sets into a position parallel to the ‘toe line’ which allows the weight of the club to return to the ball. As a result, the heel of the club doesn’t dig in at impact (resulting in fat/heavy shots). This enables us to have the confidence to hit the ground with the bounce (bottom) of the club and therefore lifting the all into the air with a lot of spin.

Check out the video online and if you need any more help with your game then come down and visit me or one of the team at the Peter Cowen Academy Dubai.

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