Stephen Deane: Let’s work it under!

This month we will focus on the desired hand position during impact. In particular we will discuss the left hand position relative to the left shoulder for a right handed golfer and vice versa for a lefty!

image 1
Image one shows a good starting position with the left hand sitting nicely in position below the left shoulder. By simply trying to focus on throwing the left hand under the left shoulder during impact you can create an extremely desirable, consistent and strong impact condition.
Image 2
Image two: Solid impact position with the left hand back under the left shoulder as the hips open naturally due to the downforce of the hands and arms working underneath the body.
Image 3
Image three shows the left hand working away and getting in front of the left shoulder causing the shoulders to come over the top and across the desired swing path.
Image 4
Image four shows the left hand lagging behind and inside the left shoulder creating a very unstable lateral move as we approach impact.
Throw it up
Throw it up
Throw it under
Throw it under

Please try this the next time you are on the course or the range and you’ll soon notice an improvement in your game. For more information on how to improve please watch the video or contact the Dubai Golf Academy to further enhance your learning and your game.

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