Hit That Dream Draw and forget about your Shocking Slice!

The lead wrist plays a huge roll in the shape of shot you hit.  If you can control the lead wrist during your transition into impact you will be able to hit that dream draw and gain yards at the same time!  The clubface is your rudder and the lead wrist will allow you to control the clubface and hit the ball in the direction you want too!

What we see from many players who slice the ball is a lead wrist position which is cupped at the top of their backswing and then more cupped during their downswing.

When the lead wrist is cupped the clubface will be open and then it becomes very difficult to then square the clubface at impact.  If you are able to square the club face you won’t be able to do it consistently, meaning you will never have complete control of where you are hitting the ball.  Striking the ball with an open clubface will cause the ball to curve to the right, this is also a very weak shot and you will lose a lot of distance.

When you cup your lead wrist not only is the clubface open but it will also encourage the club to get out in front of you and outside the line leading to a steep angle of attack into impact.  Your swing path will be more across the ball, this paired with an open clubface will cause you to start the ball left and then see it curve to the right. This is the SHOCKING SLICE!

If we were to talk about what some of the best players in the world would do with their lead wrist, you would see a wrist position, more often than not, which matched their left forearm at the top of their swing and then flattens off during their downswing.  For you to make this change, you will have to feel that you bow your lead wrist into a position so that your lead wrist and forearm create a straight line.  This will encourage the clubface to be in a squarer position and maybe even closed.

This is a much stronger position for the face to be in and you will gain yards with this action from the clubface.  This movement will also encourage the shaft of the club to shallow out and work more behind you on an inside path, so this paired with a closed face will allow you to hit that DREAM DRAW!


You can use two Alignment sticks as a drill to help you master the correct swing direction to hit a DRAW.

If the club head drops outside the alignment stick on the ground and the second alignment stick points left, across your body then you will most likely swing across the ball and may see the ball SLICE to the right.

We want to see the club drop inside the Alignment stick on the ground.  You will feel your arms be very compact and connected to you which is a great way of moving the club to develop consistent ball striking.  The alignment stick you are holding should point to the right.

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