Heel Toe Stomp improves swing efficiency | By Jonathan Craddock (Emirates Golf Club)

By Jonathan Craddock, PGA Golf Professional, Emirates Golf Club

Golf coach Jonathan ‘JC’ Craddock has attained every golf biomechanics certification available from performance expert Paul Chek, the Titleist Performance Institute, biomechanics specialist Dr Kwon and his mentor Peter
Cowen. In this article he is going to explain why ‘Movement Matters’, and the importance of using natural forces and not fighting them.

Unfortunately there is a huge misconception surrounding sequencing in the golf swing. Kinematic sequence is a hot topic –it’s the explanation of how the body moves during the swing. Here at the Peter Cowen Academy I use the K-vest, which has four sensors as shown in the main picture opposite (pelvis, upper body, upper arm and lead hand). We can monitor the kinematic sequence using the k-vest sequence chart. However, the importance of this is quite misleading as creating the correct sequence often can lead to poor ground force mechanics which could create significant forearm and clubhead speed but in an unstable manner. The gains made are most often from rotational forearm and clubhead movement which offers little to no clubface stability reducing accuracy and efficiency of strike causing a loss of power when the swing isn’t timed.

At the Peter Cowen Academy we focus on the correct movement, which in turn, naturally creates a sequence. By focusing on the natural movement, the body is able to stabilise and maintain its balance points which enables clubface stability through impact and therefore consistency. Let me share a movement drill which will improve your ground mechanics and inevitably provide you with the correct sequence.

Drill: The JC Stomp

The drill can be used anywhere, however, I am using one of my favourite pieces of equipment – the Boditrak – which measures pressure displacement. First of all, to simply see where the pressure is on the feet during set up is important so I always recommend before a practice session we move to 100% toe pressure followed by 100% heal pressure which is a press to the right and then to the left. Your starting point should be centered but once you master the ‘JC Stomp’ you might consider a little movement initiating the start of the swing.

Check out the video for a more in depth view of the drill or if you want to check your mechanics, why not visit the Peter Cowen Academy Dubai and fi nd out first hand why his players are the most successful on tour.

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