Grasp the impact to improve distance | by Ross McArthur

With Ross McArthur, PGA Teaching Professional, Al Hamra Golf Club

One thing that you will notice with the best players in the world is that at impact, their lead wrist is straight and their trail wrist is bent, promoting a forward shaft lean as the face strikes the ball. This position results in a powerful ball flight and much more consistent strike.

Bad impact

A common fault with many golfers is what’s called ‘early release’. This is a loss of angle between the lead arm and club shaft early in the downswing causing the lead wrist to be bent at impact and the shaft leaning behind the ball. This can result in many bad shots such as heavy strikes, topping and more often than not, a high, weak ball flight which lacks distance.

The early release can be caused by a number of things:

  1. Concept issue – not understanding the correct sequence of the downswing.
  2. Lack of strength in the wrists and forearms.
  3. An open clubface through the backswing, causing the player to release the club early in order to try and deliver the club face square at impact.

Here is a simple drill in order to give you the correct feel and concept of the impact position. The drill will give you instant feedback if done incorrectly.

1. Take an iron and place your hands on the shaft just above the head.  Then take an address position with the clubface square to the target and the shaft of the club against the lead side of your body.

2. We will now make mini swings, take the club back around half way so the wrists are set and we have created the angles between the lead arm and club shaft. From there, concentrate on pulling the handle down towards the target and releasing the clubhead back to square at the point of impact, without the shaft/handle of the club hitting your body.

3. This will encourage the feel for the correct impact position and will improve your compression and distance.

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