Get the club in balance!

By Stephen Deane, Head Professional, Emirates Golf Club

This month let’s make the game easy and get the club in balance!

The golf club is balanced when positioned above the hands. The longer you can maintain this relationship during the swing, the more consistent you’ll become.

A simple drill is to sit on your knees and cock your wrists up so the weight or mass of the club sits above your hands. From here the club is perfectly in balance and under control! This is exactly what we want during the backswing and in particular as we make our downswing.

A great feeling is to try and keep the weight of the club above your hands for as long as possible during the downswing. You’ll start to sense the body stays in position better and the hands and arms stay passive as no manipulation is required to get that club back in balance!

1. Club head perfectly balanced positioned above the hands
2. Add some spiral rotation and you’ll feel where the club needs to be as you create your backswing and start your downswing
3. Use this variation split hand drill to develop the feeling further
4. Experiment and let the weight of the club fall behind and in front of the hands. You’ll quickly sense how out of balance everything feels and the strain that’s placed on your body as it reacts negatively to the club being out of balance!
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