Fix the bottom hand to become a top player | by Sven Nielsen (Trump Dubai)

The only part of our body connected to the golf club is our hands, so holding the club correctly can have a massive impact on the overall outcome of the golf shot. Here, we will specifically talk about the role of the bottom hand (in my case, it is the right hand), how to grip it correctly and what it does during the first stages of your swing.

Firstly, let’s talk about the positioning of the club in the right hand after the top hand (in my case, it is the left hand) was set in the correct position. As image 1 shows, we want the ring, middle and index finger of the right hand wound around the grip (gripping the club in the fingers), this leaves your palm free to slot nicely over the left hand’s thumb. 

Gripping the club correctly, like image 2 shows, will help you use your wrists correctly in the golf swing, which could lead to more power, speed and inevitably more distance.

Once the bottom hand’s positioning is correct, we can now activate or hinge our right wrist during the first part of our golf swing.

Learning to do this with the right hand off the golf club will give you the correct movement and feeling for you to perform this wrist hinge during the first stages of your golf swing. Without the right hand in the correct place on the grip, it’s very difficult to get the right wrist to work effectively, leading to faults and corrections throughout the golf swing.

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