Driver fundamentals | Hit the ball further and straighter

By Stephen Deane, Head Professional, Emirates Golf Club

With all clubs, but particularly with the driver, it’s essential to get some key elements in place. Let’s take a look at the fundamentals involved in the driver swing.

Set the wrists – The Speed element!

The wrists should set or cock during the backswing and then release or uncock during the downswing. The setting and releasing produces controllable speed if used in an up and down direction.


Load the shoulders – Power, Pressure and Path element!

It’s a similar motion with the shoulders; we want to load these during the backswing and work down rather than out or under during the downswing. This will help produce controllable pressure, power and swing path if delivered in an up and down direction.


We’ve talked in depth about Peter Cowen’s ‘Axe Drill’ in various articles and I’d like you to revisit this info on the Worldwide Golf website to capture the importance of this motion. 

Very simply, if we can set the wrists and load the shoulders, then allow them to work back down into the same starting position in relation to the body – rather than under or over – you will enjoy not only better drives but a much better game in general. 

For more information, please check out the video attached or visit our fantastic team of Professionals at The Peter Cowen Academy Dubai.

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