Chinese Fighting Stick! Pete Cowen’s signature drill analysed in explicit detail

By Stephen Deane – Head Professional, Emirates Golf Club

This month we’ll look at a Pete Cowen signature drill called ‘Chinese fighting stick!’

It’s a great way to understand the correct hand, arm and club movement during the swing alongside feeling how your body matches this movement.

For this drill, you can obviously use Chinese fighting sticks but a flagstick, a pole, a broom handle or anything that is longer than a golf club will still work and allow you to see and feel the movement.

In this article, I’ve used an exercise pole which we like to use with our students.

Step 1 and 2


– As always we want to establish good posture by tipping from the hips and feeling that solid connection with the ground.


–  From here, we simply let our hands and arms hang under our shoulders with the left hand on top and the right hand under. Equal and opposite hands.




Step 3 and 4


– As you start the movement you’ll feel the left arm works down as the right arm sits or folds into position and the shaft stays on plane.


– At the top you’ll feel everything’s really loaded. From here the left arm comes down as the right arm works out and in front.




As you speed up the motion you’ll feel the natural thrust and momentum the stick creates as you come into the impact area. This is a fantastic drill that helps develop the correct mechanics and one you can practice without visiting the driving range or club. It’s certainly a daily toothbrush drill we recommend to all our students.

For more information please watch the video at the top or this one below with Pete himself. We look forward to seeing you at The Peter Cowen Academy Dubai soon.

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