Build a solid base to hit longer, straighter drives

By Alex Nicholson, Teaching Professional, The Track, Meydan

Follow this guide for the basic characteristics in the set up:

1. When working on your set-up position it is important to establish a ball position forward in your stance to create an upward attack angle. A really good reference point is just inside your lead heel. This will allow you to have the club bottoming out before the golf ball, therefore the clubhead will travel upwards. Don’t guess your ball position when you are practicing, place an alignment stick or a golf club in line with your lead heel and the golf ball, or start your stance with your feet close together. Take a small step with your lead leg to open your foot towards the target and, finally, set your trail leg just wider than your shoulder width apart.

2. Far too often when my students are struggling off the tee I commonly notice two incorrect characteristics. These occur at the point of impact when his/ her centre of gravity shifts beyond the ball. This is known as a lateral movement and happens when the body slides towards the target. This encourages fault number two which is a steep attack angle and this leads to numerous shot shapes and mishits.

Follow this simple guide to build that solid base:

3. Preset yourself ready to hit the ball on the way up. By doing this, let’s feel that your trail shoulder is lower than your lead shoulder and your shirt buttons are behind the golf ball at address. Check point before pulling the trigger is that your shoulders are aligned in a square position. A very common mistake is that your shoulder line will get open to target and this has a tremendous influence on your swing direction being incorrect. Use your toe line as a reference point to match your shoulders!

4. From a strong set-up position you will be able to deliver the club in a much more neutral path and angle of attack, leading to a more consistent start and finish line. Ensure the sequence of the golf swing is efficient and powerful for the best results.

Good luck with your golf and I look forward to welcoming you to The Meydan Academy by Troon. 

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