10 Tips to drive it like Bryson DeChambeau

It came as no surprise to see Bryson DeChambeau had the longest driving average on the PGA Tour this season, averaging 323.7 yards and his longest recorded at 414 yards. But understanding his swing will help you build more power!


Pete Cowen swing thoughts

The modern game, both professional and amateur, plays into the hands of the big hitters. In this section, Master PGA Professional, Pete Cowen, examines Bryson’s swing and explains why it is not just one of the most powerful swings in the game but technically one of the best.


Power Game

As we have all come to see over the course of this year, and at the Ryder Cup, his power off the tee has provided a huge advantage. Despite ranking 178th in driving accuracy Bryson still managed to record the most eagles in the year and had the fourth best scoring average of 69.728.


Frame 1: In the first frame, Bryson has a consistent set up, which means his arms and shaft length stay very consistent at address. He also has good balance posture with no stressing at address. Even though there is a slight stretch in the arms and shaft.
Frame 2: In frame two he maintains the stretch in the arms and shaft, making his abs and chest work hard in the take away.
Frame 3: Bryson continues to stretch the arms and shaft. Though there is very little movement in the hips, the core and chest are moving, while the shoulders are working on a fairly level turn.
Frame 4: In frame four you can now see the hips starting to get involved.
Frame 5: The massive stretch is clear to see in frame five and though it is not a classical position, you can see the body strength starting to build up.
Frame 6: Things start to look more traditional in frame six. He is starting to cock the wrists and the right elbow is beginning to fold.
Frame 7: The right elbow continues to that great high right arm position.
Frame 8: At the top, the clubface is pretty neutral relative to everything else. Even though this is a static positon, he is very athletic and you can see just how strong he is.
Frame 9: He has a great transition. The legs holding the body in position and the right arm is coming down correctly. You can see the straight line between the right arm and the shaft, while the left arm is beginning to move across the body.
Frame 10: Following on, the left arm has moved right across and in front. The right elbow is starting to drop on to the right hip and the right angle between the right bicep and forearm is a classic position. Though you would say it is slightly above plane, if you look at the shaft relative to the ball.
Frame 11: Bryson then squares the club up with his body turn. His hips and chest open with the right arm in position.
Frames 12 -14: Finally, he continues to open but not flip the club on the through swing. The legs have fired correctly, with the right shoulder down and the left shoulder up to a balanced finish.
Frame 13
Frame 14



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