Pablo Larrazabal: I miss trying to beat the boys week in, week out

Pablo Larrazabal has been competing on the European Tour since 2008 and has been victorious on five occasions including a stunning victory in the UAE capital at the 2014 Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship. Life without travelling around the world competing against Europe’s finest is abnormal for most players but for stalwart like the Spaniard, it’s taken some getting used to.

The situation with the worldwide corona pandemic has certainly changed life for everyone around the world. My family and I are based in the middle of Barcelona and we feel safe at the moment. If you do the right things and follow the procedures you feel safe. I only go out for 25-30 minutes in the mornings to walk the dog and if we need something from the supermarket I go in the afternoon with gloves and a mask.

We try to stay at home for the rest of the time. We have our own routine to keep us occupied whilst there aren’t any golf tournaments happening. We wake up at 8.00am, have breakfast and then, at 9.00am, I walk the dog. At 9:30am, my wife starts her yoga practice or films for her YouTube channel then I go down to exercise at the community swimming pool – I also run and do some exercises down there. We finish at 11.00 am or so then take it easy and I look over what my wife has filmed and help her with that. Then we cook and eat before having some siesta time. At 4.00pm or so she goes and walks the dog and I go to the supermarket or do some more exercises at home. When she comes back after 7.00pm we cook something for dinner and that’s our day done. So, I’ve tried to be as healthy as possible during this COVID-19 outbreak.


After experiencing a taste of life not on Tour, I’m still not sure what I’d like to be if I wasn’t a golfer. I’m about to turn 37 in a month and a half so my football career will be over! There’s no chance of that happening. I have another three years guaranteed on the European Tour after my win on Leopard Creek this season so I’ve got lots of time to think about something I’d like to do after golf.


One of the aspects I miss most about not being on Tour is not being able to travel. I love travelling and going to different countries and trying out different kinds of food. I also miss competing against the boys and trying to beat them week in, week out. That’s why I play golf – I love the competition and how tough it is.

I have been in contact with Guido Migliozzi and Renato Paratore recently, who are moving to Dubai. They’ve been some of the only golfers who have been able to go out and play golf and live a normal life. I’ve been checking out how they’re doing with finding an apartment and all that sort of stuff.


I’m not sure how the season’s going to pan out and it’s a huge shame because there’s so many significant events scheduled for 2020. We will just have to see what happens. I think The Ryder Cup will be moved to 2021 because I can’t see 60,000 people being allowed to be spectating at Whistling Straits. At the same time, I can’t see 80,000 people being allowed to watch Barcelona playing anytime soon so I think all big events in all sports will surely be delayed until at least September or October. Hopefully everybody stays safe and we get through this tragic situation.

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