While the cream of the European Tour compete to make the top 60 on the Race to Dubai and earn their place in the DP World Tour Championship, Chief Marshal Jenni Hoskins is quietly gathering her global band of marshals to ensure the tournament is another overwhelming success.

She is the lady responsible for the recruitment and management of the volunteers for the tournament who have proved vital to the success of the most prestigious and long-awaited event of the year.

“This will be the ninth year that I have been working to put together this great team of ours, since its inauguration in 2009,” says Jenni. “Now is the time of year to put the call out to our happy family of helpers.


“Our army of marshals has grown year on year and it becomes increasingly evident that most of our travelling band are coming from all over the world, not just from the Middle East. It’s not surprising that our volunteers regard the event as an annual reunion of old friends. It’s a huge opportunity to be part of and to contribute to one of the greatest tournaments in world golf. Word continues to spread that this is an event that brings excitement and great satisfaction to all involved.

“The spectator numbers increase year by year and produce a wonderful, friendly atmosphere for players and volunteers alike. By the final day the air is electric with emotion and expectation.”

“The Tournament has earned the reputation for being one of the best run and most enjoyable events on the Tour and the ambience throughout the four days is always full of fun which is down to the input of the volunteers.”

“Once the majority of the team has been recruited, the exciting part for me is meeting up again with all those who have supported me from one year to the next. Watching them greeting each other again and seeing the camaraderie that exists amongst them is a joy to behold.


“Working together as a team and inspiring confidence in each other brings huge pride in participating in such a vital job in a variety of roles from crowd management to player movement, to scoring and assisting TV crews, and many more duties.

“The overseas volunteers make a special effort to come to Dubai for the whole of the week’s event, whether they are also visiting family or friends, and at the same time encouraging their hosts to join them.”

“These regular volunteers are particularly important to me as they bring great continuity to the tournament. They are able to contribute so much more due to their experience and involvement. They are able to foresee a possible problem before it happens. As a volunteer, initiative is a great skill which adds value to any team, together with their willingness to adapt and assist anywhere that is needed at short notice.

“Every year, from the completion of the last tournament, I receive enquiries for the following year. By the time I start to chat to everyone, I already have a long list of prospective marshals, keen to come and join our happy band.

“I and my office team care very much for every volunteer and make sure each one feels part of the team, feels confident in the work they are doing and remains happy throughout their time with us. Everyone of them is important.

“We ask that each volunteer commits to the tournament and to each other and ensures they handle all spectators with respect while at the same time keeping each part of the course under control in a friendly manner, thus ensuring everyone has a great time. “

“My aim is to put an initial team of 300 together to allow for changes in work commitments, last minute family events or illness, etc (hopefully none) as at least a few of these situations are inevitable in a large group of people.  Mutual communication is paramount from the start of the recruitment campaign until the final day of the tournament. I expect all volunteers to keep in touch with me constantly as I will do with them.

“I am currently in the process of contacting my regular and loyal volunteers now. If you are interested in becoming a member of our worldwide team of hard-working, passionate golfers and non-golfers, then please get in touch with me as soon as possible at”