Use the weight correctly

By Stephen Deane, Head Professional, Emirates Golf Club

This month we will discuss how the weight of the club can have a dramatic impact on the swing.





During the takeaway phase, it’s often too easy to drag the weight of the clubhead away and get it moving across and behind the body and hands. It’s much better to be engaged and lift the weight of the clubhead up and in front of the body and hands during this takeaway phase. Some coaches call this the initial or primary plane but it’s absolutely crucial to perform correctly.


When coaching I often remove the weight by using a broken shaft with the grip still attached. This simple drill instantly gets the student moving the club through perfect positions which are automatic and involve no thought.
When these desired positions are then converted to the actual takeaway you have overall improvement and consistency in both the swing mechanics and resulting ball fight.

Please try this in your own time and for more information watch the attached video or come and see us at The Academy at Emirates Golf Club in association with Master Professional Peter Cowen. Also, check out our amazing Summer Academy packages and get the most out of your game this summer!