How to hit a draw with your driver

By Lewis Caseley, PGA Teaching Professional, Saadiyat Beach Golf Club

A draw is when the ball starts to the right of the target with right-to-left curvature finishing on the target. In order to generate this curvature, you must control two things: the clubface and the swing path. When the clubface and the direction that the clubhead is travelling don’t match up, there is a tilted axis of spin imparted on the ball, causing it to curve in the air.

Drill 1: Control the clubface

This can be done with two alignment sticks, one on the ground perpendicular to the target and another five yards in front, on the target line. Now hit three shots, one left, one right and one straight. This can be achieved by manipulating the clubface to point in the intended direction. Repeat this process three times to gain an understanding of where your clubface is pointing at impact.

The clubface has to be closed to the swing path but open to the target line, in order to hit a draw.


Drill 2: Control the swing path

The swing path is the direction that the club is travelling before, during and after impact. A draw requires an ‘in-to-out’ swing path. Most players who hit a slice have the common fault of ‘coming over the top’ as they start the downswing. This is where the hands trail the shoulder as the sternum moves forward to cut across the ball. A drill to avoid this move is to place a tee peg down in the ground in line with your right foot. Make 10 swings without a ball and make sure that with each swing you make contact with the tee. You will not be able to make contact with the tee if you come over the top, therefore it’s a multipurpose drill as it promotes an in-to-out swing path and also helps to ‘shallow out’ the club on the downswing. This will prevent the trail shoulder from moving forward and encourage the shoulders to rotate through the ball, giving you a better, more consistent strike. Once you follow these steps you will have the ability to control both the clubface and swing path to achieve your dream draw.

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