Should ex PGA Tour star have received a three year ban for this?

Korean golfer Bio Kim won on the Korean Tour on Sunday, which ended up being a costly disaster. 

The Korean Professional Golfers Association announced on Tuesday that Kim, 29, has been suspended for three years after losing his temper towards a spectator. Kim, the ex PGA Tour player, had reportedly given an eager camera man ‘the middle finger’ after taking a photograph mid-swing. Kim then proceeded to slam his club on the tee box.  

If a three year ban wasn’t already a tough pill to swallow, Kim was also fined a whopping $8,350 for his antics. 

Video of Bio Kim:

The question is, is a three year ban a bit extortionate?

We took to Twitter. One tweeter said “A three-year ban??? This is like sentencing someone to 3-5 years in jail for speeding.”

The Twitter golfing world seem to be going crazy over this. We would love to know your thoughts. Enter our poll below!

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